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Hollywood Tonite

“I have learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is easy and fun as hell.”

Till the bitter end.

hey love ur blog and was wondering if u could check out mine. if u have time of course ! x (:

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That is all I could say


For without realizing I’m bent from our commitment



That is all on my mind whenever I see you


For making the same decision like 3 years ago



For every mistakes that I made for 3 years


For disappoint you in the end



For replacing you with another man


For leaving you

Back But Leave

She’s back…

Back to where she belongs

Back to where herself come from

Back to the place before she knows him

She was hate him at first

She was hate how society drives him

She was hate the society’s idea where he is in

She was leaving herself form her place

To see him through his soul

And yes, he is a victim of his society

She was leaving herself from her place

To risk everything she had to be with him

Both mental and time

Both energy and money

The 3 years of their togetherness was like a roller coaster

He brought her high but could throw her down in no time

It was amazing, it was wonderful

But the end has come,

She found amazing thing in the place where she was

She tried hard to stay

She tried hard to smile for him

She tried hard to piss off the uneasiness

But she couldn’t lie to herself even more

That slow but sure, her heart is not in the same place

It is back to the old place, the old place she belongs

She’s back to the old her

Just there’s a little difference

Yes, her life never be the same after she met him

Be with him is change her a lot

Now she’s happier

Now she’s more relax

Now she’s watching when people running to him

Touch him, hug him or even worse, try to kiss him

Now she’s watching from afar

She’s watching him him grow up

She’s watching him become a man every girl wished to marry to

He is busy serve them

Not even once tried to look at the corner, where she stands and had a bitter smile plastered on her face

She is someone that used to running to him

Someone that with all her might tried to understand him

Someone that afraid if she pushed him accidentally by her presence

She’ll still watching him from afar

"Live like it’s your last day"

"I’m also growing up here"

"Just we’re not growing up together"

"We’re growing up in the same time"

"Just remember one thing, I’m still a girl that doesn’t like to resembled by anyone"

Selfish, yes, it is true

Her selfishness is also one thing that scrape her heart

Her selfishness is also one thing that makes her leave

Just because she doesn’t wanna be resembled by anyone

The Look of Jaredy

Blue eyes with beard

Silly poses with handsome face

Skinny yet built abs body

Hot aura with unique mind

Maybe the third is the reason

Why would many girls strip off theirself for you

But the fourth is the reason

Why do I wanna make you to be mine

Blonde, black

Blue or pomegranade

All suit to you but I prefer the black

Long, short, mohawk

Don’t ask me to choose

Leather jacket or hipster’s

You look hotter in leather baby

My Dearest, Tabi

I wish you did many things to me

From the late night talk to the tease

From the hugs to the kiss

But I never thought some other man really did these to me

It feels weird first, a man approach a girl for the sake of flirt

But it would be more weird if the man was you

Who am I in the first place to be juxtaposed with you

From the look to the act,

I’m just a girl not a woman

I just never thought the stupid conversation I had with my friend would really happen

But here I am once again being ignorance and stupid,

Wishing you would come and make me feel special

Denying that it is so weird as society see this

You know, I know

You would feel silly if did what had I wish

But you know, I know

I’m just a girl who wished a big thing

That is to be loved by someone like you

Love That Fades

People said I’m playing around

People said my heart just like an ice crystal

People said I don’t have heart

I just tried to fall in love with many things

Even a little thing that can makes me happy

A little thing that can makes me grow a smile

I just wanted to enjoy my life

But I never know this case could be a boomerang for me

When I cared, you pushed me

When I cared, you granted me

Now when I cared about myself the most of my life

You judged me all the way up here

Don’t blame me for leaving you

My Little Happiness

Life is hard

Life is busy

But I’m happy

'Cause I have you as my little happiness

Just a simple hello in the sleepy morning

Just a little smile when I was in my bad mood

Just a little help that lent me the textbook

Just short chats that guided me well through my premiere year of college

Your simple yet fashionable figure always take my breath away

One day I saw you in suit, you didn’t know how startruck distract me for the whole day

Even just a little progress in your life jogged my life as well

I don’t know you that much

I don’t wish that much

But just let me cherish every moments of you

You can be ignorance when your inclement day come

But please don’t ever hate me for being a little hyper when it’s all about you

I’ll remember deep down in myself to hold in the tacky me :B

Sincerely, your secret admirer